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Baby Smith's first photo shoot

    Ultrasound at 21 weeks
    Originally uploaded by Smithler.

    Last weekend we had an appointment with the 3-D ultrasound machine. The technology really is amazing. Our doctor was able to say "it's a girl!" with high-tech confidence. It was such a blessing to see our little girl's face and how much she has developed. Of the stack of photos that came out of the machine, Andrea's favorite is the one on the right. Although it is of the plain ole, black and white, low-tech variety, you have to admit that's a cute footprint.

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    29/9/05 12:07 PM

    Let's hope she looks like A instead of J. Just Kidding, I can already tell she is going to be beautiful. B and K are so happy for you guys.    

    30/9/05 2:11 PM

    Nice one. Don't know if the world is ready for another Smith though. Much love to both of you, and I will keep you in my prayers.

    30/9/05 2:17 PM

    I am so happy for you two. As daddy to 3 girls, I know the joy and excitement that lies ahead of you.
    Don Clerico    

    30/9/05 8:48 PM

    Hey guys! I'm so happy for you! Billy Boy carried Jeanne's in-utero pic in his wallet while he was in graduate school and proudly showed her to his friends. [grin] Your baby girl is amazing! Just simply beautiful! Ain't technology awesome?
    Your cuz,

    1/10/05 5:35 AM

    Hi guys - It is Molly and Greg! We are so excited to read your updates and your news on the baby GIRL! Lots of love and prayer to you...    

    2/10/05 6:10 AM

    Squid and Andrea, Your life will be completly changed. It will be such a blessing. I hope you guys are doing well. Our Baby is now 19 months old and groing fast. Take lots of pictures while they are real small. You won't ever get to relive those moments. Love you guys and miss you lots Arnie    

    2/10/05 1:06 PM

    I am so happy for ya'll! Skwid, get ready for your heart to be stollen!! Girls do that to their daddy! (Just ask Phud!!) Girls are so awesome! We go tomorrow for the second try at seeing what we are having! Hopefully it will show us!!! Take care and congratulations!!!!!!
    Christie, Phud & Jaycie    

    5/10/05 6:31 AM

    She is beautiful! Davis is going to be surrounded by girls! As days get hectic & crazy, never forget your baby is a miracle from God. It goes by fast, enjoy every minute. We love you guys & can't wait to see baby Smith & hold her!    

    5/10/05 11:50 AM

    I am so excited for you! Keep posting some updates so we can all keep up. Love you and miss you both! Va    

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