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... and again

    The good-byes don't get any easier. This morning, we said good-bye to a dear friend, sister, aunt, and "daughter". We will hopefully see her again very soon, but living here won't be the same without her. As you can see, she loves our little girl almost as much as we do and that has meant the world to us. Not only does she love little A, she loves the Lord with all of her heart, soul and strength. His love has overflowed from her life to our's over the past year and for that, we have been blessed beyond words. We already miss her dearly, here are a few pics of our beautiful Lindsey.

    Sweet LP in her village attire.

    Our little family.

    This is how much I love you LP, I posted this picture just to make you laugh!

    "In my bee dress..."

    We've posted this picture before, but I couldn't do a tribute to LP without the stuck in the elevator picture!


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    23/8/06 7:11 AM

    I love this post :). Thanks Jeff and A, and little. My favorite is the chameleon picture. Miss you guys.    

    24/8/06 8:14 AM

    I think she is just adorable; I was there in December '05 with my hubby; but your 'little one' had yet to arrive! We both hope to return one day soon. Love the pictures!!

    Gina Grady
    (Billy's wife)    

    29/8/06 6:57 PM

    Great almost brought tears to my eyes....    

    29/8/06 6:59 PM

    Yeah, that last post was me...sorry


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