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10 months

    Here are a few snapshots of what Adeline has been up to the past month. Enjoy!

    I got two more bottom teeth which brings the total to four!

    Every time music comes on, whether it be from the computer, the TV or the cell phone ringing, Adeline starts bopping her head to the beat. It's so cute. Today, she actually started dancing when she heard the call to prayer go out from the mosque. Here is a picture dancing with Daddy to the Christmas music as we are decorating.

    Adeline points at absolutely everything. I have been pointing at pictures in books and things around the house and outside, so she is just learning from Mommy. It's so much fun to see her point at something when I ask her where it is.

    Not sure how she got this rug on top of her, but she did it in a matter of about 10 seconds!

    A mouth full of juice!

    I LOVE my books! Most of the time I am reading them, not putting them on my head, but this makes for a much cuter picture.

    Don't worry, we don't make it a habit to let Adeline crawl under furniture to get to cords, but again, I had to get the picture!

    There is a small playground not too far from our house, so we took Adeline there one afternoon and let her try out the swing and slide. The weather here has been unbelievable for the past few weeks so we are taking advantage and getting outside as much as we can! The rain and cold are coming, but for now we are loving it!


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    Adeline is pulling up on anything and everything she can get near. Notice how she claps for herself once she is standing!

    Now that Adeline is pulling up on her own, this is how we often find her when she wakes up. Unfortunately, standing up in bed is much more fun than sleeping in it!

    I know we already posted a picture of Adeline with Lexi, but little did we know what an impact being around Lexi (and Jeff's parents' other two dogs) would have on her. While we were at Jeff's house, we said "dog" A LOT because Adeline just loved them and would get so excited when they were around. We have a few neighbors who walk their dogs in the parking lot below our window and when I hear them outside barking, I always take Adeline to the window and point :) and say "dog". Last week she said it back! She hasn't said it since then, but she still gets so excited when she sees one. Never thought that her first word would be dog, especially since we don't have one here, but that was probably just the beginning. Before long she's going to be talking in paragraphs!

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    4/12/06 12:25 PM

    We have the exact same crib! Good choice :)


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