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We're Here

    Well, we are finally in the states. Here is a quick recap of our trip:

    ~3 flights and 2 layovers
    ~One broken plane (before we boarded), so one delayed flight
    ~One storm that we had to fly around
    ~One misplaced bag (we got it this morning, though! Praise the Lord!)
    ~26 total hours of travel time, 7 of which Adeline slept (yeah, it was interesting)
    ~A good night's sleep (for all 3 of us).... Priceless

    We have enjoyed some good time with family already and even though Adeline is a little overwhelmed with all of the new people, she is doing well. Thanks for your prayers! All of the travel was pretty rough on her, but she seems to be doing much better today :) We'll post some pictures soon.
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    7/10/06 5:18 AM

    Yea! Glad you made it okay. Sorry that travel time was rough...but hey, it makes for fun memories. There's no fun in "Adeline slept 26 hours and there's nothing to report." :) Love y'all and praying for your time Stateside. :) kisses from auntie A to little A. :)    

    9/10/06 1:37 PM

    jeff and a! call me...i think it's gonna work out. lindsey    

    14/10/06 7:23 PM

    You guys should be in Lou now & we just can't wait to see you & baby Adeline (who looks like such a big girl). Davis is excited as well, we've been talking about you guys so much the past week! Love you guys!    

    1/11/06 6:38 AM

    Andrea, It was so good to see you, Jeff and Lil' A! She is just beautiful and so sweet. I know it was probably very crazy trying to get around to see all the people who wanted to see you while you were visting and I feel very special that you wanted to spend some of your time with us. I hope you have a safe trip back. Take care,

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