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America Part 4

    Here are some pix from our time in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a great time to catch up with good friends and introduce Adeline to all of them for the first time. We also got to meet a lot of new people, including babies who have all been born in the past few years. Such a blessing!

    We stayed with some great friends while we were in Louisville. Their sweet daughter, Amelia is just precious and was such a great sport and was happy to let Adeline invade her territory. It was hard to get a picture of these two sitting still, as you can probably tell :)

    Sweet girls learning to play together. Adeline really appreciated Amelia sharing ALL of her toys.

    Daddys and their girls. Thanks so much, J & A, for inviting us into your home!

    Adeline and our friends Amie and Danny's son, Davis, hanging out on the bench at Famous Dave's Barbecue!

    Our second temporary home in Louisville was Matt and Greta's brand new house. We loved hanging out with them and their 2 cats (Adeline couldn't get enough of them). Not so sure that Rustbucket and Sneezers enjoyed our stint in their house, but hopefully they've recovered.

    Adeline LOVED playing on the piano!

    Our SS class from Louisville had a cookout one night while we were in town. Unfortunately, we weren't prepared for the VERY cold temperatures, so we couldn't stay very long. But, we loved getting to spend some time with our church family and we all thawed out eventually.

    What a huge blessing it was to be able to see our good friends from Louisville, the Abners. Last time we saw them they had one 6-month old little boy. Now there are 3 lil' Abners and one on the way! Things can change so much in 3 years!

    Some great friends, Larry, Donna and Jordan. (L & D, thanks for the Papa John's, yummy! Although, we look forward to that $100 meal when we see you again... we haven't forgotten.)
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    10/11/06 9:31 PM

    Wow, that little boy little A is with at famous Dave's is pretty cute! We had so much fun w/ you guys!    

    12/11/06 8:31 PM

    Hello Andrea and Jeff!
    I don't know if you remember me, but this is Robin, and I was one of the students from California in the program this summer in Turkey.
    I found you through Kimmy's blog, and I just wanted to say hello and that little A is getting so big and absolutely beautiful! I'm lifting ya'll up still, as are many of the students here.
    I'm glad you have fun in the states...hope this finds you doing well. :-)
    Grace and peace...    

    14/11/06 12:02 PM


    How beautiful is she! I'm so glad ya'll had such a nice time in America. Give you any clarity for the future?

    As far as a camera, I just use our digital camera for the short clips that I post online. It's a Kodak EasyShare 4 mega pixel. Nothing fact, it's probably time for us to upgrade.    

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