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Girls' weekend

    Jeff is off to the Grand Canyon this weekend with some students, so Adeline and I are having a girls' weekend at home. Our big plans include working on some craft projects for her room, watching Elmo, playing on the playground and visiting some friends. We won't be taking any pictures, but hopefully Jeff will have some cool pictures to share from his weekend!

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    Just a cute video of Adeline eating like a big girl!

    This is my dear, dear friend, Angela. We went to college together, she was in my wedding and the Lord is good to have us in the same city once again! It has been a sweet reunion and I am so thankful for her and her wonderful family!

    Angela is in hair cutting school (I don't know what the technical term is, sorry Angela) and so I volunteered to be her guinea pig. Here is the first cut - layers! I look horrible, but I love the hair. Stay tuned for more styles!
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    7/9/07 8:16 PM

    So glad you all made it there safely and are getting to enjoy some outings and friends and church! I can't wait to hear more!    

    11/9/07 1:03 PM

    your hair looks beautiful!!!    

    12/9/07 11:47 AM

    Andrea, great hair! Adeline's sooo cute! Brandon and I loved the video!    

    13/9/07 5:43 PM

    Adeline does great with a spoon! My granddaughter tends to turn hers over before putting it in her mouth which means the food falls off! And yes, your hair is adorable! Hope it has been cooler for you all.    

    14/9/07 8:46 AM

    Is Adeline left-handed? Chris hopes our little girl is like he is. I just told him he'd have to teach her how to write, because I'd be lost.    

    17/9/07 7:20 PM

    Andrea, it was so good to hear from you! I'm finally getting back in the swing of things and once again enjoying college life! But there are things I will always miss about Turkey (you know this better than I do I'm sure). I have a feeling I'll be back there one day, I hope! Thanks for checking up on me! I'll keep you posted about Arizona dates as soon as I find out! I look forward to see you guys again! Yay!    

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