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Halloween Week

    We had a great week of fall activities. Lots of costumes, candy and fun! Unfortunately, the weather is still ridiculously hot (in the 90's during the day), so it doesn't feel like fall at all. So is life in Phoenix.

    Boo at the Zoo! Adeline dressed up in her Minnie Mouse costume from last year.

    It's hard to see in this picture, but they gave the animals pumpkins throughout the day as a treat. The tortoises enjoyed it, as well as the lettuce.

    We thought it was funny that Adeline wanted to keep her gloves on the entire day. And, it was HOT outside - at least 95!

    We went to a pumpkin patch and enjoyed a hay ride, picking out a pumpkin, a picnic and a bounce house.

    We made pumpkin and cat shaped pancakes for breakfast a few times this week.

    Adeline decorated her pumpkin (and Lylah) with foam stickers - it really turned out cute.

    Didn't Jeff do a great job carving the pumpkin? He even won the pumpkin carving contest at the block party we went to on Halloween night. Adeline was a little bit scared of it, she stayed at least three feet away from it at all times.

    Mama and her sweet "little pumpkin".

    This is how we spent most of the evening. We went trick-or-treating with some friends and Adeline walked so slow that by the time she got to the door, the rest of the kids were about two houses away. I think we only went to about 10 houses and then she was done.

    Nun giving out candy.

    Here's a picture of the front of Adeline in her chicken costume.

    Saturday, we went to a fall festival at a local church. Adeline is showing off her kitty cat. Isaac has one too!

    We didn't leave Lylah out, she got a little "foot-painting". So cute!
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    2/11/08 7:11 AM

    Thanks for the pictures. The girls are cute as bottons.    

    2/11/08 7:27 AM

    Sounds like a fun week! The girls look too cute!    

    2/11/08 12:33 PM

    Looks like y'all had lots and lots of fun! Your girls are cuties. :)    

    5/11/08 5:47 AM

    I love the pancakes! Did you use cookie cutters to make them into the shapes?
    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!    

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