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9 months old

    Poor second child, Lylah. I haven't posted new pictures of her in months! She is already 9 months old which is so hard to believe. Time definitely goes by much faster with baby number 2. A few things she is up to these days:
    • She isn't crawling on all fours yet but definitely has the army crawl down and is amazingly fast at rolling across the room. I guess when you can roll, why crawl?
    • She is eating lots of different foods and gets so stinkin' excited when she sees me coming with her bowl and spoon. She loves eating finger foods like banana, cheese and Gerber puffs (those things are amazing)!
    • She got her 2 bottom front teeth about a month ago. She was really fussy for about a week before, and just not acting herself. As soon as those teeth broke through, she was back to being happy Lylah again.
    • Adeline hung the moon in Lylah's eyes. Seriously, Adeline can just look at her and smile and Lylah cracks up laughing. It's so sweet to watch (for now)!
    • We seem to get little colds every 6 weeks or so in our house and the girls pass it around (Jeff always seems to avoid getting it!). Back in January, Lylah was stuffy as usual, but she also had some drainage from her ear. I took her in to the doc and she had an ear infection. Well, it didn't go away with Amoxicillin and when I took her back, she had a double ear infection. So, the doc prescribed a stronger antibiotic and some drops and cultured her ear. Well, apparently, she had a VERY rare bacteria in both ears and the ENT we took her to wanted to put tubes in immediately. He told us that he had only seen a case like hers one other time and he even came in at 6am on his day off to do the surgery because he felt like it was pretty urgent. I didn't look up the bacteria online at the time because I tend to read too much and get freaked out about all of the crazy possibilities out there, but I decided to the other day because I heard them use the term on HOUSE, M.D. of all things! That freaked me out, for sure! Anyway, I wish I hadn't looked it up now, but I will just say that she seems fine and hopefully the tubes will prevent anything weird like that happening again. The ENT is following her pretty closely, so we are very thankful for great doctors that didn't pass it off as just another run of the mill ear infection.
    • I took her for her 9 month check up this week and she is now in the 30% percentile for weight and about the 50% for height and head circumference. The doctor didn't seem too concerned about her weight, but since she hasn't gained anything in a few months, I am trying to feed her more and we'll go back in a month to make sure she's put on a pound or two.
    • She is s-t-r-o-n-g! I'm sure that most moms say this, and maybe she isn't stronger than other babies, but man, sometimes I can't believe what a grip she has. If she gets a hold of the skin on your arm or your nose - watch out! It hurts!!! I'm pretty sure she could already take Adeline down if she wanted to :) I've already had to pry her little hands from Adeline's hair on more than a few occasions.
    • Lylah is a HAPPY BABY! She is just so sweet and will give [almost] anyone a great big smile with her little nose crinkled up. I really sometime cannot believe how the Lord has blessed us with 2 amazing little girls. Grace, grace, grace!
    I love having pictures of the girls in the same situation (and, in this case, even the same sleeper). When I walked into Lylah's room this day, I could see so much of Adeline in her face and I immediately remembered taking a picture of Adeline getting busted playing with the crib bumper as well. Little did I know that both pictures were taken at exactly 7 1/2 months old. They have their differences, but Lylah is beginning to take after her big sister more and more every day.

    Look at those baby blues.

    Lylah isn't pulling up yet, but she loves it when we stand her up in her crib.

    So, I know this video is a little revealing (and turned the wrong way), but I wanted to share Lylah cracking herself up. I get soaked almost every night at bath time, but I can't bring myself to make her stop splashing, she's having too much fun. Also, at the end of the video, you can see the lovely, huge, fluorescent orange ear plugs we have to put in her ears since getting the tubes in. It's a pain, but she is very patient with me putting them in, thank goodness.
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    5/4/09 6:42 AM

    It DOES seem like it goes so much faster with baby number two!! Love the new pics. She is so cute.    

    5/4/09 9:23 AM

    She is such a little cutie! And you are right... she looks A LOT like Adeline!    

    6/4/09 2:07 PM

    Thought you might want to know that I just nominated you to receive a blog award! Check out my latest post to see what you've earned, my dear!

    LOVE YA!    

    7/4/09 11:24 AM

    She IS precious! Both your girls are.    

    14/4/09 8:49 AM

    Both the girls are getting so big!! I think Lylah is looking more like Adeline, too.
    Oh, I LOVE your stroller. So cute. Do you like it?    

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