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    Yes, I know I haven't posted pictures in a LONG time. For the three of you who check in periodically, so sorry about that. I will give you two of my main excuses - 1. Our computer broke. Well, it is still usable but I have to hold the screen upright with one hand and type with the other if I want to use it - not easy to do. 2. Our lovely 3 year old decided to "drop" our camera on the hard tile floor. We finally broke down and bought another one, but we were without a camera for a while.

    Anyway, we had a little picnic at a local park tonight and I really wanted to share a picture of the girls! Hopefully, I'll start blogging again soon, but I've said that before... Maybe if I get a bunch of comments (and a new computer), it will motivate me to update more! (I know, shameless!)

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    22/3/09 7:54 AM

    Reagan is sitting in my lap looking at blogs with me. As soon as she saw this picture she said, "What is that girl doing with no pants on!"

    Lylah is growing up so fast... and Adeline looks like the perfect big sister.

    Miss you guys!    

    22/3/09 2:54 PM

    Great picture! Skip says he daily checks blog for updates so keep them coming. Anxious to see you guys!    

    23/3/09 1:05 PM

    Hey there! It is amazing how much Lylah looks like Lil' A. I can really see it in this newest picture. I always check your blog but have never left a comment because I didn't know how. If this works, I'll do it more often. I love looking at your pictures and I really love your "Not Me Mondays!"
    Take care - and Happy Early Birthday!!!    

    25/3/09 6:23 PM

    So good to see pictures of your precious little ones. And, as long as you post, I'll keep commenting. I love comments too! :)    

    26/3/09 7:46 PM

    I love keeping up with your family and the updates...Just wanted to add a bit of motivation.    

    29/3/09 7:04 PM

    Love the pic! Lylah looks as big as Adeline! Miss ya'll!    

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