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Saturday, February 25, 2006
    Our family.

    Three generations.

    Andrea's brother, Scott, flew into Istanbul for 36 hours about a week after Adeline was born. So, he was able to spend some time with his new niece and bring us some fun stuff from America. Thanks, USAF!

    We think that Adeline is praising the Lord in her sleep! Thanks to Aunt Emily who crocheted the great purple blanket, it's Adeline's favorite.

    Aunt Callie and Adeline.

    Some of the softball girls came over and loved on Adeline. They just passed her around for about two hours and Adeline slept through it all!

    Ebru and Adeline.

    One of Jeff's baseball friends, Eren, came and spent some time with us. He was so great with Adeline, we were impressed!

    Jeff holding Adeline in the Baby Bjorn. She has the cutest little arms and legs, doesn't she?

    Another baby shower! Today, the shower was for Rebecca and Katie, both due mid-March. Elizabeth (next to me in the picture) was due yesterday (Feb. 24) so she is pretty ready to meet her little girl any day now! I told them that this picture would be titled "One down, three to go."

    Happy Valentines Day

    Friday, February 17, 2006

      Adeline's first V-day was pretty uneventful, but she looked adorable nonetheless! Thanks, Aunt Virginia for the cute valentines outfit. We hope to post some more pix soon so keep checking back. Blessings!!

      More friends

      Friday, February 03, 2006
        Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Billy. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little Bailey - any day now.

        Aunt Jen - hopefully Maggie and Molly can come visit soon!

        Aunt Rebecca - after Bailey arrives, Landon will be the next Istanbul baby. No shortage of girlfriends for him!

        Cute Pix

          "Hello world..."

          Yawning Adeline...

          Sleeping Baby...

          Mom and Adeline

          First Doctor Visit

          Thursday, February 02, 2006
            Adeline had her one-week doctor appointment today. She is doing very well and even though she is still very little, she is healthy and happy :) They did have to take some blood from her little heel, which was hard to watch, but she did great! Everyone loved speaking to her in Turkish. The kept calling her "minicik bebek" which means tiny baby. We have to admit, we loved showing her off!!!

            We had to bundle her up to go out. She didn't seem to mind looking like a little snowman.

            It was great to get outside of the apartment for a few hours. We are standing in front of our building.

            Adeline and Brennan

              "Brennan, Adeline is a little young for you right now. Maybe some day..."

              Brennan is practicing being gentle with Adeline. He has a little sister coming in about two months!

              Post-first bath picture

                Friends and Family

                  Grandma and Adeline... Andrea's mom was on the plane on her way to Turkey when we went into the hospital, so she got quite a surprise when she stepped off the plane and came straight to the hospital. It was entirely of the Lord, because the hospital and the airport are about five minutes apart, so Jeff didn't have to travel in the snow very far to pick her up.

                  Aunt Amy and wide-eyed Adeline. As Amy would say, she just wants to "eat her up!"

                  The Reeds and the Starkes came for a visit as well. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends in Istanbul. All week we have had meals brought to us every night - such a blessing (and such great food)!

                  A Baby Story...

                    About 5:30 am last Thursday morning, Andrea was awakened by contractions. Our first reaction was fear, not so much of having the baby, but of not being able to get to the hospital due to the snow.
                    We called the doctor; she said to come immediately to her office. We called and woke up our friends, Scott and Rebecca, because we knew their car had snow chains on the tires. We had not expected this to happen a week early, so we (well, Andrea had a bag packed) frantically ran through the house making sure we had passports, credit card, clothes, camera... all the necessities of a trip to the hospital. Due to the fact that it had been snowing for 3 days in Istanbul, we had to walk to a main road in order for Scott to pick us up in the car.

                    Yes, that's Andrea, 7:30 am, contractions and all, walking in the snow.

                    After a consult at the clinic, we were informed that everything was in order, and we should make our way to the hospital. The contractions were about three minutes apart and the baby was on her way. We arrived at the hospital about 10 am, Andrea saw the doctor, we checked in and got our room. Due to the drugs of modern medicine, Andrea was only in pain for a few hours before the epidural, which was given around 1 pm. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the monitors and waiting.

                    A view from the hospital room window of the Marmara Sea.

                    We made our way into the delivery room at 5 pm, and Adeline Marie Smith joined us 25 minutes later.

                    Andrea and Adeline about five minutes after delivery.

                    Great friends who came to visit about two hours after Adeline was born. (Thanks, Callie, Elizabeth, Laura Beth, Billy, Rebecca and Scott!)

                    Aunt Lindsey holding little Adeline.

                    Jeff and Adeline making faces at eachother.

                    On our way home!