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A few good-byes

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
    We have been spending a lot of this week meeting with friends, neighbors and co-workers saying good-bye. Adeline has been a trooper and has put up with a lot of photo opps. More to come...

    Our busy weekend

    Sunday, June 17, 2007
      Friday night we went to a going away party (for us, as well as a few others who are leaving the city soon). It was a great evening, although sad! Adeline's friend Ashley told her mom that she wanted to give Adeline a going away present, so she picked one of her own little baby books and wrapped it up for Little A. It was so sweet, and Adeline carried it (and the wrapping paper) around all night.

      We went to a park near the water on Saturday with a bunch of students. I was worried about Adeline since I knew she wouldn't get a nap (she's a sleeper!), but she did great and loved, loved, loved being outside, playing in the grass and "climbing" the trees. Her favorite parts of the park were the swing, seeing dogs and birds everywhere and watching people play ball. I don't think she stopped talking the entire day!

      And, of course, today we celebrated Father's Day! Adeline loves her baba, as you can see!

      Turkish Breakfast

      Friday, June 15, 2007
        Last week we took the girls and visited my friend Elif and her mother. She makes an amazing Turkish breakfast and she even taught us how to make a cheese pastry - it was so easy and delicious!

        Elif and her mom are singing a Turkish kids song with the girls. As you can tell, Adeline missed her morning nap and it was starting to show. But, Bailey loved clapping along!

        I was motivated to make the cheese pastry at home, so Adeline joined me in the kitchen for a lesson. If you want to see more Turkish recipes and even try some out yourself, check out this website.

        The finished product - a thin pastry (called yufka) with 2 cheeses (one that is similar to feta) and parsley rolled up inside. Fry it up in a little olive oil - and it's finished! It's called sigara borek in Turkish, which translates cigarette pastry. Obviously it is only called this because they are rolled up and resemble cigarettes.

        Adeline loved it!

        I'm my mother's daughter

          My mom sent me a picture of me at about Adeline's age. I can really see the resemblance, but it may be hard to tell from these pictures. My eyes were a lot darker (she gets her baby blues from her Baba), but I think there are quite a few similarities. It is comforting when I see that I didn't have much hair either - it will come one day!

          What little A has been up to

          Tuesday, June 05, 2007
            Adeline doesn't mind having a messy face, or even having banana in her hair. But, she can't stand for her hands or tray to be messy, or "bessy" as she says. Eating sometimes takes a while because she has to stop every few minutes, ask me for the washcloth so she can clean up the "bess". On that same note, she can't stand it when she finds anything on the floor. She is always finding something that she can put in the trash, or "dash". She is going to be quite the helper with chores, we just have to get her past her fear of vacuum cleaners!

            A few weeks ago we went to Sports Fest at a local University. Adeline loved jumping on pillows, walking up to students and asking for their water guns and dancing to the music. It was fun to watch her be quite the extrovert.

            Adeline loves to point out eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair and cheeks. Here she is "honking" her nose for Baba.

            The kids had one last play date together last week. This was as close as we could get to getting them all to look at the camera. They had a good time. Adeline loves saying "Baaaaaaaaaaaailey" and "Nandon".