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Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 27, 2007
    We took Adeline to a pumpkin patch last week. She loved it, even though she was burning up (it was about 90 degrees outside)! Her least favorite part were the pumpkins that had been smashed on the ground, she kept saying how messy it was. Her favorite part was the bouncy castle that I had to get in with her. She couldn't stand up too well, but she was not happy when we had to get out.


    Thursday, October 18, 2007

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      We all know Adeline loves Elmo, and even though she doesn't have the moves that Ms. Bailey has, she gets down in her own way to his song! This video cracks me up as well because Jeff is taking it and obviously dancing with Adeline (although he says he wasn't).

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      I hope to one day be able to get Adeline counting on video, but as you can see, right now she says "no!".

      Fun stuff

        We have been staying busy over the past few weeks - going to the zoo (a few times), watching Baba play softball, hanging out with students, learning new things and just being silly! I have 2 videos that I have been trying to download (although unsuccessfully), so these pictures will do for now! Enjoy!

        Adeline can now put on every pair of shoes she has, and also every pair of ours! I think she is trying to make a fashion statement, don't you? (Especially since it doesn't rain here!)

        Hangin' out at the ball field.

        Adeline's love language is definitely physical touch (at least one of them is). She LOVES having her arm rubbed, if you start doing it and then stop she will grab your hand (or both of them) and put it back to her arm.

        Not afraid at all of this goat! Walked right up to it and started petting it!

        Adeline and her friend, Grace, one of her zoo partners!

        There is a little water play area at the zoo (this zoo is huge! i haven't even seen all of it yet). Adeline got right in there with the big kids and got wet. She got scared when the water started shooting up in her face (she froze and didn't know how to get out of it!), but besides that she loved it! Here, you can see her and her friend, Dallas waiting for the water to come out.

        Check out my new do!

        We have started our own version of "family dinner" here in our home with some students. Well, we've only had it one Friday night but we had a great time and are looking forward to many more.