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Ski Trip

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
    We took a few days last week and got out of the city. We even got two days of skiing in at a mountain about five hours from us. We stayed at an amazing hotel for one night and I watched the babies so everyone else could ski (my last experience skiing in Turkey wasn't too much fun for me, so I really enjoyed hanging out with the kids in the hotel)! We had a great time!

    We took a 2-hour ferry to a nearby city where our friends the Byrds live. Adeline kept her self busy listening to some headphones.

    We only stayed at the hotel one night, but we got there early enough for breakfast for the first day! The kids were still in their pajamas and ready to eat!

    Adeline's first look at snow. She liked it as long as someone was holding her, as soon as we let her stand on her own, she was not happy!

    Landon and Adeline played so well together! They both love books, as you can tell.

    Adeline got in the swimming pool for the first time at the hotel. She was pretty upset when we first got in, but once she remembered how much she loved splashing, she didn't want to get out

    Cool Jeff on the snowboard.

    A view of our hotel (the red one) from the mountain.

    Some February Pix

      "Let us out!"

      Our little couch potato.

      Here we are walking to the park and our kapici (doorman) stops to say hello to Adeline.

      The weather has been so great - no snow at all and really warm - this winter. So, we have been trying to take advantage and get outside as much as we can. Adeline loves swinging!

      Big girl in the big bath!

      Vroom! Vroom!

      Sunday, February 04, 2007

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        Adeline loves playing with Bailey's toys. Here she is walking with Bailey's new toy. Adeline knows that cars make the sound "vroom, vroom" and apparently, as soon as she started walking, she felt like she should make the same sound. She's pretty clever!

        I'm One!

        Thursday, February 01, 2007
          Just hangin' out.

          Grandma couldn't miss Adeline's first birthday, so she came for a visit last week. Adeline loved spending time with her and it didn't take long for her to know exactly who she should go to if she wanted something!

          My favorite thing to do - walk!

          Adeline is learning a few words in sign language. Here she is playing on the slide saying "more". She also knows please, eat, sleepy (she made up her own variation of this one) and is working on siren and book.

          A few days before her birthday, I started trying to get Adeline to hold up one finger to tell us how old she was. I should have started just a few days earlier, because here she is finally doing it!

          Go Gamecocks!

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          Adeline being silly at dinner!

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          So we all know how much Adeline loves dogs. We go to the window at least three times a day to see the dog downstairs in the parking lot. As soon as Adeline hears him barking she starts looking at the window and saying dog (well her version of "dog"). She is really starting to mimic quite a few words, it's so fun to have "conversations" with her.