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We're okay!

Thursday, April 26, 2007
    Just in case you have been watching CNN, an apartment building collapsed earlier this evening in Istanbul. Obviously, we are okay. The building is about 30 minutes from us. Rescue workers are still digging through the rubble making sure there is no one trapped. Please pray for them and for the families who lived in this building - they probably didn't have much, and they lost it all!

    Day at the Park

    Sunday, April 15, 2007
      We had our house church at the park today. Unfortunately it felt like winter outside (especially in the shade) but we still enjoyed the grass and trees and all of the amazing tulips! It was a great day and you know how much Adeline loves flowers, she was so excited!

      I took Adeline to this same park about a year ago, what a difference a year makes. Check out the pictures from that visit - Adeline was so tiny and definitely didn't enjoy the flowers like she did today.

      As we were trying to take a few pictures of Adeline, a crowd gathered around taking pictures of her as well. I'm always amazed at how much people here love babies! On Friday, we went out to eat for lunch and the waiter took Adeline around the restaurant showing her off to the other customers (don't worry, we could see her the entire time). At one table, two ladies were smoking cigarettes and Adeline kept pointing to the ashtray saying "hot, hot". They didn't know what she was saying, maybe I should teach her to say "yucky" when she sees them, that's what we are usually thinking, but she wouldn't be afraid to say it. Anyway, they proceeded to take numerous pictures of Adeline with their camera phones. I wonder how many people have Adeline as their cell phone screen savers in this city??

      There was even a large display of tulip "stuff" in one part of the city. We thought this would be a fun picture to take of Adeline, she wasn't too impressed.


      Tuesday, April 10, 2007
        On Saturday, Bailey and Adeline colored eggs! Well, Elizabeth and I really colored them but they sat still for a few minutes and watched. It was fun, just like being a kid again.

        Easter morning daddy read the resurrection story to Adeline from her little Bible and then we gave her an Easter basket complete with a few little surprises. If you look closely in this picture you can see Adeline's top teeth.

        Adeline hunted for eggs - they even had little treats inside of them.

        Found one!

        Happy Easter!

        This week

          Adeline is wanting to feed herself now. I have to admit, it's much easier to feed her myself (and cleaner) but it's fun to let her try. Practice, practice, practice.

          It's been a traumatic week - for Adeline, but for me as well. Let's just say that marble floors (pictured above) are just about the last thing that a little girl who tends to fall a lot needs. Unfortunately, twice in the past week Adeline has fallen in this exact spot, face first! She is fine, only a busted lip and a "pump knot" (as Jeff calls it) on her forehead, but it has been rough on me! I know there is much more to come, but for now, we are trying to avoid the marble floors for a few days.

          Jeff got me some flowers for our anniversary (6 years!!!) and while I love them (my favorites, tulips and daisies) Adeline thinks they are the greatest thing ever! Every time she walks in the room, she starts "smelling" them frantically (in the picture you can see her little nose scrunched up). It's the cutest thing ever.