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Thursday, July 26, 2007

    3 weeks in America

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007
      So, I am too lazy to try to post a bunch of different pictures separately :) Here is a collage of some of the things Adeline has been up to since we have been back in the states! (Top left to bottom right.) You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on the box.

      1. Adeline loves sniffing flowers! As we are driving around SC, we constantly hear her sitting in the back seat of the car, pointing out the window, saying "flowers" and sniffing! It's so funny!
      2. We went to the beach in Charleston and she had a great time playing in the sand and water.
      3. Beach.
      4. She loves vegetables! Look at that smirk!
      5. Adeline and her cousin, Jason playing some tunes!
      6. Elizabeth - this picture is for you. Someone pulled out the Barney while I wasn't around!
      7. Adeline and her 2 sweet friends - they all have such shiny hair. Speaking of hair - everyone (and I mean, everyone!) makes comments about how long Adeline's hair is, I think they expected her to be bald like she was 9 months ago when we were here. Also, you know you're in SC when a lady says to us "Her hair is so pretty. She's got a little mullet - did you cut it that way?" Yeah, lady - we WANT her to have a mullet!
      8. The girls playing the piano (apparently, we need to invest in one!).
      9. Adeline saying "Land, ho!" Just kidding, but it does look like it! This was taken at the Charleston Aquarium.
      10. Adeline's first ice cream cone. She didn't really know what to think and our friends gave us a hard time when we told them that she hadn't had ice cream before! They couldn't believe it!
      11. On the carousel at the Columbia, SC zoo. Adeline had a lot of fun - especially the petting zoo part. See video below.
      12. So, Adeline is afraid of a lot of things, but definitely not dogs and cats. She has been around quite a few and she loves chasing them around and giving them kisses!
      13-16. For some reason, these pictures are repeats, sorry!

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      For those of you who know Adeline, you know that she likes to be clean (especially her hands) and she is scared of just about anything. For some reason though, she is not scared of big animals, especially those eating out of her hand. We have taken her to two different petting zoos, and she absolutely loves feeding the goats, monkeys and whatever this animal is in the video. What is even funnier is that she isn't very expressive, she just takes the food from my hand and gives it to the animal, no big deal. Also, if you look closely, you will see that at times, her entire hand is in his mouth - it was so gross, but she didn't mind one bit! Enjoy!

      Packin' Up

      Tuesday, July 03, 2007

        So, we leave for America tomorrow! It's hard to believe. We just wanted to share a picture of Little A on the scale. She definitely knows someone is leaving and no matter how many times we tell her, I think she's worried she isn't coming along! We have been weighing our luggage for the past few days, and she loves getting on the scale and seeing how "big" she is.

        If you're checking this on July 4th, please pray for us as we travel (specifically that Adeline would do well on the LONG plane ride to Chicago). We will be arriving in Greenville, SC at about 6:30pm. Thanks!