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We're Here

Thursday, October 05, 2006
    Well, we are finally in the states. Here is a quick recap of our trip:

    ~3 flights and 2 layovers
    ~One broken plane (before we boarded), so one delayed flight
    ~One storm that we had to fly around
    ~One misplaced bag (we got it this morning, though! Praise the Lord!)
    ~26 total hours of travel time, 7 of which Adeline slept (yeah, it was interesting)
    ~A good night's sleep (for all 3 of us).... Priceless

    We have enjoyed some good time with family already and even though Adeline is a little overwhelmed with all of the new people, she is doing well. Thanks for your prayers! All of the travel was pretty rough on her, but she seems to be doing much better today :) We'll post some pictures soon.

    Home of the Red, White and Blue

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006
      Tonight we leave for America! We are excited about seeing many of you and looking forward to some of the comforts of the states. You will probably be able to catch us at Cracker Barrel at least a few times while we are there. yummmm...

      So, you're probably wondering why we have posted a picture of not so happy Adeline. No, she is not sad because we are leaving Turkey (although, talk to us in a few days, she may be screaming to get back to her home). Anyway, we would really appreciate your prayers, especially during our long day of travel. This picture is sometimes what Adeline looks like when she can't sleep in her own bed. Needless to say, the plane rides and layovers will not exactly feel like home. Please pray for Adeline, that she would sleep on the plane and when she is awake, she would be happy and quiet :) We leave at 10:45pm EST this evening and will arrive in the states (Detroit) at 2:15pm tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your prayers! We know that HE will take care of us! See you soon...