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Saturday, May 30, 2009
    Fun Easter egg hunt!

    The girls and I were pretty sick the week before Easter, so we stayed at home and colored eggs in our pajamas.

    The best part of Easter this year was seeing Adeline begin to really understand why we celebrate it. We read her little Bible every day (sometimes we read two or three stories each day) and she definitely retains every single thing we read. So, when Easter Sunday came around, Adeline seemed to really get why we go to church at all, and what Jesus did for us. Since then Adeline has asked on more than one Sunday if we are celebrating Easter again. She can't wait until Easter 2010!

    Our ballerina?

      I mentioned Adeline's ballet class in an earlier post, but never put pix up. Her class is now over and I think she enjoyed it. It didn't seem to hold her attention like I thought it would though. We may try dance class again later, but she told me that this summer she would like to take an art class. So, beginning this week she will be taking two classes at the rec center, one where she gets to just run around and play with other kids and the other is called "Messy Art" - should be interesting.

      Saturday night dinner