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Look at me!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
    My doctor ordered an ultrasound last week to measure the baby and make sure that she isn't breech anymore, so we were blessed to be able to get a peak at our little girl this morning (even in 3-D)! Everything measured perfectly and she is head down - yea!!! Her hand was covering her face almost the entire time, but you can see her cute little nose and lips pretty clearly in this picture - she looks a lot like Adeline! The tech even showed us a little bit of hair on her head! We are so excited to be able to meet this little one in about a month!

    Baby Update

    Thursday, May 22, 2008
      Baby Smith seems to be doing well, moving around a lot, experiencing lots of hiccups and making sure mom doesn't forget that she is still in there! We are going to have an ultrasound next week, so we are looking forward to seeing new pictures and just making sure that she is measuring where she should be. Adeline is excited about her baby sister and will tell you that the baby is coming in "two months" (hopefully less than that!). That's about all for now! We'll keep you posted!

      Mom and baby at 34 weeks.

      Some sweet friends at church threw a baby shower for us (and two other couples) last weekend. Here is Jeff participating in fun shower games by drinking apple juice out of a baby bottle. Apparently, it's not very easy to do. Adeline was a little confused as to why Baba was drinking out of a bottle???

      The best $8 we've ever spent!

      Saturday, May 17, 2008

        Krispy Kreme has come to Phoenix!

          Flashback to the 80's

          Saturday, May 10, 2008

            Come on, you know this is funny! I recently saw some pictures of myself at age 2, and my hair was exactly the same, mullet and all! And yes, I refuse to cut it.


              A LOT has happened since our last post. Easter, I turned 30, Jeff and I celebrated being married 7 years, potty training, we traveled within Arizona a little and also to Michigan, attended a few graduation parties and little baby Smith is now 32 weeks old and very active in my belly. Enjoy the pix!

              Waiting for Baba to get home from work.

              One of our favorite outdoor activities these days is playing in the water in the backyard. When it's already 95 degrees outside in April, you have to find fun ways to cool off!

              While we were in Michigan, we visited a church where the kids were playing handbells during the service. My aunt insisted Adeline would do fine, so she went up to the front of the church and played with the other kids. It was hilarious and so sweet to watch!

              Adeline and her sweet baby cousin, Olivia. It was such a blessing to see Adeline interact with Olivia, she loves her so much and it is definitely confirmation that she is going to be a wonderful big sister.

              We drove up to Flagstaff for a night and on the way back took the scenic route through Sedona. I have to admit, that I don't really get it - it's just a bunch of big red rocks. But, I know that millions of people come here to see it, so I guess I'm the weird one.

              Adeline and Isaac hanging out at the park.

              Adeline loves our trips to the zoo and she was really excited about this snake! Yuck!

              Easter 2008