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Please Pray for Cyd

Sunday, January 27, 2008
    Please pray for Cyd, her driver and their kidnappers! May the Lord soften their hearts and allow Cyd and Muhammad to return to their families. We met Cyd almost four years ago when she was preparing to go to Afghanistan, she has such a heart for the people, especially the women. You can read this article and for further updates, check out the ARDLF website. PRAY!

    Adeline's 2nd Birthday

    Saturday, January 26, 2008
      "I'm two!"

      Adeline and Aunt Ange on the Alligator.

      My sweet little girl and I on the train.

      Cute Grace - eating that cupcake up!

      Adeline's buddy from church, Isaac.

      Sweet boys!

      My favorite picture from the day!

      Feeding the ducks (and unfortunately, the pigeons as well).

      Ready for a nap!

      Random thoughts

      Monday, January 21, 2008
        So, my usual post consists primarily of pictures of Adeline, but lately I keep thinking of random things that aren't really that interesting, but perhaps blogworthy. I have many friends that do it, so I thought I would give it a try.

        1. Since we have lived in our apartment we have had 3 different evenings of being kept awake by a helicopter that is circling our building for a LONG time! The last time this happened, it was because there was a crazy man on someone's roof throwing tiles at the people below. He ended up jumping off the 2-story roof and getting attacked by a police dog. Really, did they need a helicopter for that? Anyway, the third time sounds like it might be tonight. It keeps flying overhead, hopefully the drama will be over before we go to bed.

        2. The number one battle in our household is trying to get Adeline to eat new foods. She used to eat anything, but since we have lived here she just wants to stick to her fruit and chicken nuggets! We try the "just try it one time" angle, but that doesn't work. We have even bribed her with fruit, but to no avail. Well, four different times this week Adeline has tried new foods - even vegetables! We were at the grocery store today and I was asking her if she would eat any of the canned vegetables. Of course she said "no" UNTIL we saw it... Elmo Green Beans! Del Monte is genius and has put Sesame Street characters on their canned vegetables (and then charges twice the price). But, at this point, I am willing to try anything! So I sucked it up, spent the $1/can and we came home, made the beans (and even sang the "la la la la, la la la la, Elmo Beans" song!) and she ate them! Praise the Lord - whatever works!!!

        3. Jeff and I are watching the last season of 24 right now - it's really good! I hope the strike doesn't last much longer because we are really looking forward to Season 7.

        4. Adeline's 2nd birthday is this Saturday. We decided to have a little party for her at a local park that has a huge duck pond, playground, train and carousel. I'm pretty sure I'm more excited about it than she is, but every day she does say "birthday party...ducks...slide". She knows what's coming!

        5. The pregnancy is going well. I have felt wonderful for a few weeks now - it's like a different world compared to the first trimester. We will hopefully find out next week what we are having and absolutely can't wait!

        6. I mentioned in an earlier post that we are now making weekly trips to the public library. Anyone have any suggestions for good reading, for myself or Adeline?

        I guess that's all for now. I hope it wasn't too boring for all of you!

        Fun Videos

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          Adeline has been working on her ABC's. She's just being silly here, but is definitely making progress!

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          This one is a little long, but enjoy the nursery rhymes!

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          "Ready, Set, Go!!!!!!"

          2008 so far

          Tuesday, January 15, 2008
            We took a trip to west Texas to visit our friends Chris and Jonya after New Years. Adeline loved seeing her aunt and uncle and we loved spending time with them in their new home. As you can see, the guys didn't waste any time busting out the XBox.

            Billy and Elizabeth, this picture is for you! Can you believe we got Jonya to play a game (and I think she even enjoyed it)??

            You don't see this very often, but Adeline doesn't mind getting messy when pudding is involved!

            Cok, cok tatli!

            With a little motivation from my friends Melissa and Katie, Adeline and I checked out our local library today for story time. It was so much fun for both of us. I don't read very much, but I think I may start! What a wonderful place! You can check out books for an entire month (or longer) and even kids movies. Yeah for library cards!!!