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11 months

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
    This week was a week of celebrations! Adeline turned 11 months old on the 26th! Only one more month 'til the big day. It's hard to believe that one year ago we were preparing Adeline's nursery, purchasing clothes and diapers and for some of us, hoping that we would be able to fit in our maternity clothes for one more month :) Adeline is becoming more and more "talkative" and really trying to mimic things we say. She is cruising around on the furniture and is pretty cautious when she does (she definitely gets that from her mommy!). She isn't walking on her own yet, but loves holding our hands and walking all around the house. We have started walking with her holding only one hand. She tries hard to grab our other hand, but when she realizes that we won't give it to her, she really gets tickled when she can tell that she is walking almost by herself. She still loves books and is eating more and more table food. Her naps aren't as long during the day, but she is still sleeping 13 or 14 hours every night (straight) so that is a huge blessing. She is a little girl who needs her sleep!

    Such a big girl!

    She will try to stand up on anything and cracks herself up when she realizes that she's "stuck".

    Merry Christmas!

      We had a wonderful Christmas! Adeline enjoyed opening her presents (with our help) and was especially excited about her new books (including her first Bible and some Turkish books). Christmas morning we got up, opened a few presents as a family and then Adeline was ready for a nap again. Then our friends, Chris and Jonya came over and had brunch and when Adeline woke up again, we finished opening presents and played with her new toys. Christmas evening we went to the Johnsons for a wonderful dinner and gift exchange. No white Christmas this year, but it did snow yesterday a little bit. We hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas!

      The fam on Christmas Eve.

      Daddy reading the Christmas story to Adeline on Christmas morning.

      Adeline's first gift - we were then able to read the Christmas story with pictures, it was a little more interesting for her.

      What's in my stocking?

      What's in there? Another book!

      Look at me in all the wrapping paper!

      Bailey and Adeline teething on the chair.

      The girls.

      This is a mall not too far from our house - they go a little overboard with the lights!


      Sunday, December 24, 2006
        At the Grand Bazaar - Adeline comes free with purchase of a Turkish carpet. Just kidding!

        I think we all probably have a picture like this, playing in the "tupperware cabinet".

        Christmas Party

        Sunday, December 17, 2006

          The gang back together again

            Check out Landon... What a stud!

            The three kids playing with Bailey's new toys.

            Landon and his parents stayed at our house for two days. We had so much fun!