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Hot, hot, hot!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
    We are finally in our home in Phoenix, "enjoying" the heat, learning our way around the city, unpacking tons of boxes that we didn't even know we had, getting to know some great people we will be working with and of course, enjoying time on campus (Arizona State University) meeting students. We'll try to take some more pictures of the desert and the campus in the next few days.

    Adeline loves rocks - it's a good thing here in the desert!

    This is BY FAR Adeline's favorite thing in the states now. She has been getting used to the church nursery, and as long as they have a boat - she loves it! I have to force her to leave, there are so many cool toys!

    We are working hard on teaching Adeline to hold our hand in the parking lot. This is our friend, Slade, who wasn't even a year old when we went overseas!

    Adeline and Karis Langdon - she's a little Brennan!

    Our dear friend, John, came to Jeff's ordination service in Louisville. It was a sweet service, we are so grateful for our family there.

    It is such a small world! Pictured above (taken at Jeff's ordination service) is my friend Laura Beth who I met in Turkey and my friend April who I know from our church in Louisville. Laura Beth and April are going to the same graduate school and they met eachother there. They started talking and figured out that they both know us! Crazy!

    The temperature here has been over 110 every day since we moved about 12 days ago. Apparently we broke the all time record for the most days above 110 in a year today! Nice, huh? It hasn't been too bad, we are just so thankful for air conditioning.