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Saturday, August 19, 2006
    The good-byes don't get any easier. This morning, we said good-bye to a dear friend, sister, aunt, and "daughter". We will hopefully see her again very soon, but living here won't be the same without her. As you can see, she loves our little girl almost as much as we do and that has meant the world to us. Not only does she love little A, she loves the Lord with all of her heart, soul and strength. His love has overflowed from her life to our's over the past year and for that, we have been blessed beyond words. We already miss her dearly, here are a few pics of our beautiful Lindsey.

    Sweet LP in her village attire.

    Our little family.

    This is how much I love you LP, I posted this picture just to make you laugh!

    "In my bee dress..."

    We've posted this picture before, but I couldn't do a tribute to LP without the stuck in the elevator picture!


    Scott Amca

      My brother came through the city this evening and was able to spend a few hours with us. We had a nice time having dinner and catching up, even if it was too short. AND, he of course brought some goodies for us and an outfit for Adeline from Grandma - thanks!

      Baba and Little A looking out the hotel window at the city. No matter how long we are here, we still get overwhelmed with how huge this place is, buildings and people as far as you can see!

      Scott really does know how to hold a baby, Adeline was just in the process of trying to flip over upside down and look at her daddy behind her.

      Fun pix

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        Look how excited A gets when she is sitting all by herself. She loves it!

        Sportin' Aunt Jonya's hat.


        How about the party dress? A good friend of ours gave this to Adeline, it's too cute. It does take us back to days of poofy bangs and tight rolled jeans though!

        Grand Bazar

        Thursday, August 10, 2006
          Today we took a long overdue trip to the Grand Bazar. For those of you who haven't been to Turkey, the Bazar is a HUGE shopping center with over 3,000 shops. You can find things such as porcelain, scarves, clothes, tavla (or backgammon) boards, Turkish rugs and much, much more. Here Jeff and Adeline pose for a picture with our friend, Vural in his carpet shop. As you can see, Adeline loved hanging out with Vural.

          Adeline enjoying the Turkish rugs and showing off how she can sit up all by herself.

          Adeline with Jeff's friend, Musa . Of course, a lot of people came up to Adeline while we were at the Bazaar and said "hello"... At one point, a Japanese tourist was taking a bunch of pictures of her. I wonder what he will tell his friends back home when they ask "Who is this baby?"

          On the way home, it was so hot in the car, so we gave Adeline some juice to drink. We have been trying to give her juice in a bottle for a few days now, but usually she doesn't really drink any, she just likes playing with the bottle. But, today, she went from not taking a bottle at all to practically taking it from my hand and drinking the entire thing all by herself! I didn't have to hold it at all, she just tipped it up and gulped it down.


          Tuesday, August 01, 2006
            Well, we have ventured into the world of "big people food" with Adeline and it is sure to be interesting. Unfortunately, jarred baby food is fairly expensive here so we are making our own (or at least attempting to). Jeff and I made some peas the other night and tried them out on Adeline. Then, Elizabeth and I decided to have a "baby food making" afternoon and we made a bunch of carrots and bananas for freezing. I don't really like being in the kitchen, but it has been kind of fun to make the food, and Adeline and Bailey enjoyed getting some time together as well.

            Adeline ate all of her peas, but she had this look on her face the entire time! We read somewhere that it takes a baby 15-21 times to genuinely like or dislike a particular food... only 14 more to go! Right now, it's not looking too good for the peas.

            We were so excited when Adeline and Bailey "played" with eachother. Although, we have to stay pretty close by because all they know right now is to grab anything they can get their hands on - not always good.

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            Trafik Polis

              It's hard to put into words unless you see it for yourself, but you can try to imagine what the traffic is like in a city of 15 million people. We drive here a good bit, and feel safe doing it, but you have to stay very alert and not be afraid to squeeze through a space half the size of your car! One thing that we always comment on is the Trafik Polis. We see them everywhere, and every once and a while they are actually directing traffic if a light is out or there is an accident. But, mostly they hang out near traffic lights and "direct" traffic as the light turns. The only thing we can figure is this is job creation at its best. If you look at the right of this picture, you will see a billboard that says "Turkish Power" - Jeff thought this was very ironic, we had to take a picture!

              Picnic in the park

                The summers are very busy for Jeff, so we don't have too much time just "hang out" as a family together. But, last week, we took some time to go to a nearby park and have a picnic dinner and enjoy a pleasant Istanbul evening.

                If you look in the background of this picture, you can see the many people lined up along the shore fishing. They are fishing for tiny little fish, only about 2 inches long. Any time of the year, if you are near the Bosphorus, you will see many, many fishermen.