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Thursday, March 27, 2008
    I was tagged by 2 people - so Lindsey and Elizabeth, here you go...

    4 Jobs I have had in my life:

    1. Claire's Accessories Sales
    2. Hickory Farms Sales
    3. Actuarial Assistant
    4. Mommy

    4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once

    1. Grease
    2. Sweet Home Alabama
    3. 13 Going on 30
    4. The Little Mermaid

    4 Places I've Lived:

    1. Summerville, SC
    2. Louisville, KY
    3. Istanbul, Turkey
    4. Phoenix, AZ

    4 TV Show I Watch

    1. Grey's Anatomy
    2. A Baby Story
    3. Biggest Loser
    4. The Office

    4 Places I have Been:

    1. Michigan
    2. Slovakia (all over)
    3. Prague
    4. Grand Canyon

    4 People who email me regularly

    1. Amie
    2. Elizabeth
    3. Lisa King
    4. my mom

    4 of my favorite foods

    1. cereal (almost any kind)
    2. chic-fil-a sandwich
    3. baked potato
    4. papa john's pizza

    4 Places I Would Like to Visit

    1. Thailand
    2. NYC
    3. California
    4. Hawaii

    Things I am Looking Forward to in the Coming Year

    1. Baby girl #2 arriving
    2. spending lots of time with Adeline
    3. Ally's wedding (although I probably won't be able to make it - I'm hopeful!)
    4. Phoenix becoming "home" (again, I'm hopeful!)

    4 Friends I'm Tagging

    1. Ally
    2. Callie
    3. Virginia
    4. Tiffany


    Friday, March 21, 2008
      In college, my Sunday School teacher (and professor at school) held a Passover meal at his house for our class. Jeff and I learned so much at this meal and still talk about it today. So, we invited students over to experience it as well. It was a great evening!

      The table. On the Seder plate - lamb shankbone, charoset (a mixture of apple, raisins, cinammon, pecans and honey), maror (horseradish), karpas (celery), red horseradish and the betzah (roasted egg). Also on the table, bowl of salt water, bowl of water to wash hands and wine (grape juice).

      The partakers.

      Jeff made lamb guvec (a Turkish dish) for the Passover meal - it was yummy and exactly like what you would get at a Turkish restaurant!

      Our March

        Things were a little busy during the week that we moved, so one afternoon I took Adeline to Chuck E. Cheese's for pizza and just some time to play outside of the house. She literally went down this slide at least 50 times!

        Jeff was able to spend the day with us at the zoo last week during his spring break. In this picture, I think Adeline is cheering for the elephants to come out (we were waiting for their feeding).

        Coloring Easter eggs with Isaac. Isn't his expression great?

        I still don't have any pictures of the house, but since we have moved in, Jeff has started a mini-bucket-garden to grow tomatoes. Adeline loves helping Baba out in the yard!

        25 weeks

          Yikes! Things definitely progress a little bit faster the second time around! Oh well, we are grateful no matter the largeness :) One fun thing about getting bigger is that Adeline recognizes that there is a baby in that belly (how could you miss it?). We went shopping the other day and bought a few things for the baby and on the way home Adeline said "Baby come see Adeline? Baby sleep in Addy's bed and Addy sleep in big, big, big girl's bed!" So cute, she is going to be a great big sister!

          Adeline is going to have a little...

          Thursday, March 06, 2008
            Adeline is going to have a little sister! My doctor's office is amazing and they insisted on doing another ultrasound this month so we would know what we are having! We aren't sure how much Adeline really understands, but she knows that the baby is inside mama's belly, that's it's a girl and that the baby has a room in our new house. It will be interesting once the baby comes home and she realizes that this baby is coming to stay!

            Our new home

              We moved into a new house last weekend and so far, it has been wonderful! Since baby #2 is on the way, we needed another bedroom and a friend's mom just happened to be trying to rent her house. I don't have any pictures yet (our camera is still in a box somewhere), but these are a few things I have noticed about living in a house:
              1. I don't sleep well at all because I hear EVERY little noise! Jeff doesn't hear anything, so it makes for a long night of getting up and down to check and make sure no one is robbing us!
              2. By far the best thing is having a little back yard (and it's grass - rare here in the desert). Adeline loves playing at her sand table out there and no more having to take the dog out on a leash. We are definitely taking advantage of the beautiful weather before it gets to be 100 outside.
              3. On that same note, Jeff has really missed doing yard work so he has already been doing as much of that as he can. He wants to plant a garden, but since it isn't our house, I don't think that will happen.
              4. We already have a plumbing problem and we can't just pick up the phone and call maintenance!
              5. There is a lot more room to clean!
              So, those are my thoughts. One final HUGE blessing - we have met 3 of our neighbors already! The people next store are from the middle east and today I ran into the lady outside and she gave me something that resembled a poaca (a pastry from Turkey) - it was like being back there! Other neighbors have a kennel business and love dogs, so we have a permanent dog-sitter (which has been the biggest hassle since we've lived here). And, finally, as we were unpacking this weekend a couple came over to welcome us to the neighborhood with yummy cookies and... we know them! We met the wife the first night we were in town - she came to the fall welcome party and even brought us a sweet gift card. She didn't know us then, she just wanted to welcome us to ASU! I can't believe that they live right across the street - what a tremendous gift from God. Nice to know that if someone is ever breaking into the house in the middle of the night, we have a place to run to :)

              Girls' trip

                Adeline and I took a short trip to Florida/SC last month for my Grandmother's 81st birthday! Adeline absolutely loved the plane trip, seeing family, staying in the hotel and at the end, coming back home to Baba. It was a great trip!

                Gigi with her 3 great-grandchildren. Adeline loved meeting her brand new neice, Olivia, but was much more interested in playing with Jason. She is still talking about him!

                At the duck pond at "mama and baba's school" (where we went to college). I'm pretty sure this was Adeline's favorite part of the entire trip - feeding the ducks and "gooses" bread.

                My dear friend, Kendra and her little girl Jayden.

                Exercising with Grandma.